Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Need for Water: Radio Documentary

This radio program focuses on the very human need for water, and how Canada has been ignoring many of its citizens in this regard for quite some time now. In essence, it is about Aboriginal Peoples, and their rights to water. 

We explored different programs currently happening in order to better the quality of water (Create H20), and had a chance to talk to Wendy Ross, who is involved with this program. We also interview Katelin Neufeld, who has also had experience in this area of water quality and treatment. We also spoke to Kevin Lamoureux, a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg. He gave us some important insights as to who is affected by poor water quality, and what it means to not have access to adequate water. He urges that we as educators need to understand that students who are not properly nourished will not be interested or focused in school.

The fundamental questions we asked included: Why should people have to test and treat their own water when so many of us can simply turn on the tap and expect clean water to come out? What are the personal experiences our interviewees have had with water? Their answers have been insightful and enlightening and the program is definitely worth listening to.

If there are underprivileged people in Canada, that means there are those who are privileged. We need to see reality for what it is, and help out our fellow Canadians.
Bre, Rebecca, Christy, and Coral

Winnipeg Water

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