Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Radio- Documentary: Aboriginal Perspectives, A New World

In our documentary we identify the importance of Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom and who should be incorporating them. We examined four different educational perspectives, including a reflection on our own personal experiences. During our research we came to an agreement that an Aboriginal perspective is a valuable component of education. This inquiry allowed us to gain a better understanding about what an Aboriginal perspective means, but we were also left with more questions. Join us as we discover the positive and negative aspects of an Aboriginal perspective, it`s integration into the classroom, and what it means to students and teachers.

Producers: Julia Martin, Amy McLeod, Sarah Hawley, and Amanda Acquisto.

Photo Credit: ASC- Migizii Agamik at the U of M Facebook page

Featured on our Radio-Documentary:
Micheline Lesk-  Métis student, in the faculty of education at the University of Manitoba
Karen Boyd- Professor, at the University of Manitoba in the faculty of education
Michelle Wiebe- Student, in the faculty of education at the University of Manitoba
Carl Stone- Advisor, for the Aboriginal Student Centre at the University of Manitoba. 

Music:One Drum By: Leela Gilday,Darling Don’t Cry By: Buffy Sainte Marie,When the Sun Sets Over the World By: Winston Wuttunee.


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