Sunday, 30 March 2014

Between the Bush and the Big City: radio documentary

A lot of people who have never visited a First Nations reserve or been hunting think that a truly traditional way of life is a thing of the past, something that happened a century ago.  Laurence Neepin however, at only 48 years old, has vivid memories of an upbringing in which he learned to live off the land, a childhood that many of us cannot begin to imagine.  For his father and grandfather, the wilderness experience was even more extreme.  In many ways Laurence represents the generation between the bush and the big city.  We examine some of the things he learned as a child and try to understand how his views on traditional Aboriginal education compare to that of the modern school system.  We encourage you to join us on this journey and hope you enjoy the interview.
By: Jeff Armstrong, Erik Wiebe, Nicholas Barker, & Robyn Melvin
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Laurence Neepin and family

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