Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Perceptions of Aboriginal Students radio documentary

Teachers John, Laura, and Braden examine the perceptions of Aboriginal students. The basic information used in this documentary is gathered through interviews, research, and personal opinion. Opinions from educators, employers, civil servants, parents and students were collected on the topic of whether they see Aboriginal students as unique or having specialized needs in society. These opinions are contrasted with the comments of Aboriginal student Clyford Sinclair, who spoke at Aboriginal house about his personal experience in the education system and how it has affected him as an individual. Experiences with Aboriginal students of all ages are discussed and in response we give our own insights into how we may approach these students in our own classrooms, from the perspective of future teachers.

● Foster Mother of Aboriginal children
● Female White Early/Middle Years Teacher
● Clyford Sinclair- UMASA treasurer and UMSU Aboriginal students’ representative
● Anna - Northern hospital nurse
● Christine - Former U of M science outreach program employee
● Male Business Owner 

● Cris Derksen - 2 Hour Parking 
● A Tribe Called Red - Electric PowWow Drum
● A Tribe Called Red - Native Puppy Love
● Winston Wuttunee and Robert Falcon Ouellete’s Aboriginal Education class - Traditional  Song

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