Thursday, 23 April 2015

Running to become the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre

Ladies and Gentleman,

I announced that I am running to be the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre in the next federal election. If you would like to see my web site or learn more go to my web-site at . While I am running as a Liberal I really would like to represent all those who feel they do not have a voice.

I would ask that if you follow this web-site that you check out my other web-site and inform your friends of the great need of our country to be more inclusive while finding the solutions to our long-term issues such as social exclusion, poverty, child poverty, the environment, lack of good living wage employment, overcrowded prisons, transportation and on the list goes. I am looking to give back and offer what I hope will be path to a better a future we can all build together.

I also have a facebook page at
twitter account at   &

Tapwe and we will talk soon.