Friday, 1 February 2013

Buffy Sainte-Marie Inspiring Generations of Canadians & Idlenomore

Buffy Ste-Marie &
Robert-Falcon Ouellette
Aboriginal House U of M
29 January 2013

I heard perhaps one of the most important speeches I will hear this year (Jan 29, 2013) by peace activist, artist and Cree woman Buffy Sainte-Marie about her thoughts on Idle no more, Indigenous rights and how we have a positive role to play in improving the lives of those around us. Buffy's message was one where we must stay positive and connect with others to build bridges in a non-violent manner. She discussed her role in the 1960-70s American Indian Movement and how that era has laid the ground work for the current movement to come forward and start addressing these issues and educating Canadians both individually and collectively on the rights of all Canadians to have a decent life based on human values without hierarchy. We each have a role to play according to our skills and desires and we are each important in moving our nation forward. It will not be the leaders who will change the system, but individuals who collectively, one by one, who will bring about improvements in the lives of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

One of Buffy's words of wisdom related to the idea that European when they first arrived in North America had come from the Spanish Inquisition, they had been engaged in dreadful warfare that had and still was killing millions. When they came here they knew nothing else and simple perpetuated what they had been doing for a thousand years on the Indigenous peoples of North America. While it does not make it right, it makes it easier to understand that they are also victims of themselves and their own culture. We need to help them as well.

“Idle No More is a dream come true for a lot of us across Canada who have been involved with decades of Aboriginal community efforts to make things better,” states Sainte-Marie. “Last week I did a quick iPhone video [of the protests] and it’s gotten tens of thousands of views so that tells you something about the Idle No More team, their expertise in social media, and the many people worldwide who agree with Idle No More. Bill C-45 must not stand” ( The Manitoban).

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