Thursday, 7 February 2013

Stories in a New Skin: Approaches to Inuit Literature

This is a conversation with Keavy Martin from the University of Alberta who has written a book about the oft ignored worlds of Inuit Literature. It is a fascinating look and what too many in Canada have little knowledge about. Inuit literature has a depth and breath encompassing many genres as explained by Keavy.

Keavy starts with the following quote by Elder Rita Nashook. “Southerners don't want to understand Inuit ways. They’re ignorant about our culture, don't consider our opinion and treat us like we know nothing. Inuit culture is oral and we keep knowledge in our minds. Even without text, our culture is full of wisdom.”

The true work of Keavy is translating not words, but the meaning between systems of knowledge and allow greater communication between cultures and peoples.

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