Sunday, 13 April 2014

Teachers of Aboriginal students: A Question of Perspectives

Our radio documentary discusses the view from teachers of aboriginal students. Our major focus is the challenge teacher’s face when integrating Aboriginal culture and perspectives into the classroom. We interviewed several teachers and students on the topic. Most of our interviewees wanted to remain anonymous on the radio documentary. However, they will act as some really good connections and resources for us as teachers. Sarah was the UMSU student who was comfortable being recognized in the documentary. In addition to her we interviewed three teachers and a Metis student. Our group members are Carly, Angie, Brianne and Sarah. We also brought our own views and perspectives to the radio documentary. As well, we drew information from the articles in the syllabus from the Teachers of Aboriginal Students section. We also drew information from the survey prepared by the Swampy Cree Tribal Council called, Community Active Members Youth Leadership Survey -2010-2011 Highlights Report.
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The Drum Song by Winston and Eric Wuttunee
When the Sun Sets Over the World by Winston Wuttunee

Group Members: Carly Russell, Angie Kuhnle, Breanne Berke and Sarah Lenhardt Mair

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