Saturday, 26 April 2014

Exploring various Perspectives on Manitoba’s Education System

This radio documentary focused on four culturally diverse perspectives from individual experiences throughout the Manitoba education system. The documentary provides insight and evidence regarding the incredible disconnect between the expectations of teachers and the reality of providing aboriginal perspectives in the classroom. After completing the documentary we were left with more questions than answers. Some of these questions include, how can future educators become better prepared for teaching in culturally diverse classrooms, specifically in regards to the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives? Should there be a mandatory Northern Practicum placement? Should there be a larger focus on Aboriginal perspectives and education throughout the faculty of education?

Included in our interview we have a seasoned teacher, a teacher candidate and two students who have graduated. All of which have asked to remain anonymous, therefore names and voices have been altered to help protect their anonymity.

Music: Ancient Winds Jose Cabezas Native American Flute
Sam Tease
Kaeri Rempel

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