Thursday, 5 December 2013

Metis Federation of Canada (New National Organization)

A new national organization has been formed on Nov 16, 2013. The Metis Federation of Canada interim president Robert Pilon says "The Métis Federation of Canada was formed to recognize, represent and  support Métis citizens across Canada, uniting us from coast to coast to coast.  As a grassroots organization, with representatives from all regions of this country, we are people from varying walks of life who are passionate about our history, our culture and our rights..." 

YouTube – Anglais (Robert Pilon – President):
YouTube – Français (David Bouchard – Membre fondateur):
YouTube – Anglais (Bob Stevenson – Membre fondateur):
Notre project – teaser:

Facebook ( and Twitter (@metisfederation). 
The founding members are Robert Pilon, David Bouchard, Karole Dumont-Beckett, Theresa Lizotte, Dan Goodon, Hélène I Savard, Bob Stevenson, Alfred Chiasson, Daryle Desjarlais, Daniel Gilbeau, Ray Racicot, Bill Gabbani, Jim Laroche, and Deborah Bastien.

Good luck to this group of people and the cause they hold dear. It will be difficult challenging the current power structures.