Thursday, 13 December 2012

Saving Anishnaabe one app at a time, Darrick Baxter and Ogoki Learning

This is another late night stairwell interview and conversation I had with Darrick Baxter, the dynamic President of Ogoki Learning Systems who developed an app or application for the Ojibway/Anishnaabe language. We discuss why he would do such a thing, the importance of language, and why he has made the source code free to all Indigenous language users who want to create their own language apps to save their languages. We had just heard the Chief Clarence Louis speak at the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner on Nov 14, 2012.
In 2008 the United Nations dedicated it as the International Year of Languages, warning that thousands of languages face eventual extinction. Canada a rich nation and a member of the G8 has done little since then to save the cultural treasures which were born of our native soil. Around the world a language dies on average every two weeks and many aboriginal languages in Canada are among those considered in peril.
I was so inspired after having spoken to him that I decided to use his source code and create the same app for Michif and Nehiyaw (Cree). I hope we can have the same impact on our young Cree and Michif people. The image comes from Darrick's web-site and as you can see he is able to create some great looking stuff. Now I just need to find the money!!!
More information can be found on his web-site Ojibway People and Language – The new native language app from Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.



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