Monday, 29 October 2012

Aboriginal Language Courses for Families, starting January 2013

Aboriginal Conversational Language Courses for FAMILIES:

Cree, Anishinaabe, Michif courses

Starting January 2013-April 2013
9 classes (3 hours) evening or weekends
Location: Winnipeg MB
Cost: 195$

Families are encouraged to join

Learn and practice together to protect our cultures

Language is the outward expression of an accumulation of learning and experience shared by a group of people over centuries of development. It is not simply a vocal symbol; it is a dynamic force, which shapes the way a man looks at the world, his thinking about the world and his philosophy of life. Knowing his maternal language helps a man know himself; being proud of his language helps a man to be proud of himself (National Indian Brotherhood, 1972, p14-5, Indian Control of Indian Education).
Miriam Christoph administrator

After the release of the stats on languages by Statscan I was stunned by the continued eroding of Aboriginal languages. As a Program Director of Aboriginal Focus Programs, I felt it would be better to start offering a set of language courses through my faculty not offered in the traditional university manner, but more in keeping with a traditional Aboriginal learning environment. I want to have the entire family learn in a holistic manner. Meaning, you learn as a family and you practice as a family. We need to start involving the children and grandparents in passing on our languages.

I don’t know what the success rate will be, but I hope that students will be able to learn to communicate simple words, commands, music greeting, and occupations and discuss these issues with their children and grandparents.

Aboriginal peoples in control over their education.

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