Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Unknown Fisheries of First Nations in Eastern Quebec - Les Peches des Premieres Nations dans L'est du Quebec

In a discussion in French with Dr Paul Charest from Laval University about his new book The Fisheries of First Nations in Eastern Quebec we discuss the finding of this little known industry. A group of researchers was involved in writing and exploring this industry which is growing in importance for First Nations.  

For over a decade, commercial fishing has played a fundamental role in the economic and social development and the affirmation of the autonomy of Indigenous Nations established on the banks of the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Historically, Indigenous peoples practice fishing in both freshwater marine environment, but the importance of this activity in the economy and the daily lives of Nations and Aboriginal communities in Quebec has remained largely unknown until now.

By better understanding the situation of the Innu Nation, the Mi'kmaq nation and the Maliseet coastal people currently in
Quebec, their pressing development needs and efforts to achieve, among others by commercial fishing, this book aimed to contribute to helping First Nations make their rights known in a world of globalization. It is the recognition of the autonomy of Indigenous peoples of Quebec and Canada
through the fishing activity are the issues that underlie the contributions of the authors of this book.
Paul Charest is a retired associate professor of the Department of Anthropology at Laval University where he taught from 1969 to 2004. He has conducted research and ethnographic documentaries on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence since 1965. His recent work focuses on the use and management of wildlife resources, sustainable community development, miscegenation European settlement of Inuit and Innu. He is the author or coauthor of more than 200 texts. He was awarded the Weaver-Tremblay prize of the Canadian Association for Applied Anthropology in 1995. 

The book was written by a collective of authors
Mathieu Bergeron
Brieg Capitaine
Paul Charest, editor
Julie Courtois-Girard
Camil Girard, editor
Arianne Loranger-Saindon
Marie Massuard
Emmanuel Michaux
Jean-François Richard
Thierry Rodon,  editor

This is an interview only in french.
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