Friday, 9 March 2012

Dave Robertson & Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story

A conversation with Dave Robertson (Cree) about his graphic novel Sugar Falls: a Residential School Story looking at the inspiring and tragic life of Betty Ross.

David Alexander Robertson is a Swampy Cree writer who penned his first book, an epic collection of poetry entitled "The Bestest Poems I Ever Sawed" in grade 3. He received his BA in English from the University of Winnipeg. His ambition to eliminate racism, sexism, and indifference by educating youth about history and contemporary issues inspired him to write The Life of Helen Betty Osborne, published in 2008, and the four-part graphic novel series 7 Generations between 2009-2011. He is currently working on a new graphic novel series. David lives in Winnipeg with his wife and four children, and works in the field of Aboriginal workforce development.

Scott Henderson is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Arts. Scott’s many projects include work as a colourist and illustrator for comics, portraiture, advertising art, and two WWII web comics for the Canadian Air Force’s For Valour series. Scott is also the author and illustrator of the sci-fi/fantasy comic, The Books of Era. Most recently, Scott illustrated the four-book graphic-novel series, 7 Generations.

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